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By: Antonio Villena

Table of contents:

1. First novelty: change of the IPREM

The first novelty is the increase in the IPREM, which is the basis used for many residency procedures, such as establishing the amount of money a family has to earn to be able to have a non-profit residence in Spain

Last year, the IPREM was fixed at 580 euros, but this year 2023 it has increased to 600 euros, in addition, we are required to pay 400% of the IPREM for the main person of the family who comes to live in Spain, that is, four times the amount of money of the IPREM, while for each additional member, 100% of the IPREM is required, that is, the exact amount of money of the IPREM.

Therefore, for this year 2023, 400% of the IPREM would be 2400 euros, which is the amount of money that a person needs to prove that they have while earning money on a monthly or annual basis in order to be able to come to Spain.

In the case of a family, it would be 600 euros for each additional member, in the case of a family where there is only a married couple of two people it would be 2400 euros plus 600 euros, and for each additional member, such as a child, it would be another 600 euros.

There are other options, of course, that are not based only on the monthly or annual amounts that you can earn, one of these other options could be to have enough money to be able to live in Spain for a year, taking into account the IPREM valuation for this year 2023.

We are talking about amounts of money that we can have in a bank account, this amount can be complemented with monthly income, even if it is lower, but we must justify where all the money we have comes from.

Therefore, the first novelty is that the amount of the IPREM for this year 2023 has increased.

2. Second novelty: On-line work

Regarding the second novelty, it has to do with the possibility of applying for non-profit residence by liberal professionals, self-employed workers, managers, people with an employment contract with a company, etc. who previously could not apply for such non-profit residence because the Spanish administration understood that you had to be in your country of origin in order to be able to carry out your work.

Nowadays, this aspect has changed completely, as now these people are allowed to obtain the non-profit residence, but only if they can exercise their professional activity on-line and at least the minimum requirement period of 6 months per year is met.

This aspect is very important, because there are a large number of professionals who, thanks to this modification, can now apply for a non-profit residence visa, and there are other requirements for residence, but these are usually basic formalities.

In summary, these two modifications would be the two main novelties for non-profit residency in 2023.

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